My Collection of Dictionaries for ABBYY Lingvo versions 12 and x3

Yzb's Collection of Dictionaries for Lingvo 12 and X3 (2009-12-11 + updates)

Basic Package (English / Polish / Russian / Ukrainian)
Lingvo 12: _basic_v12.rar (599M)
Lingvo X3: _basic_x3.rar (520M)
These packages include all my dictionaries (see above) created until December 11, 2009.

All Other Packages
They are not yet available for download from this site.
You can get them from the FTP server described here:
They are in the folders:
Lingvo 12: /obmen/from_yzb/lingvo_collection_of_dictionaries/v12/
Lingvo X3: /obmen/from_yzb/lingvo_collection_of_dictionaries/x3/

Lingvo 12: v12_update_2010-12-13.rar (21M)
Lingvo X3: x3_update_2010-12-13.rar (21M)
The two above packages include all my dictionaries (see above) created between December 12, 2009 and December 13, 2010.

Installation instructions and further information

Detailed description of the collection in English and Polish and Russian.

Installation instructions in English and Polish and Russian.

The file Sozdaem_slovar_v_Lingvo_v3.1.pdf contains information on how to create your own dictionary for Lingvo, and some additional dictionary installation instructions.

The file Supported_Languages_v12_&_x3.pdf contains the list of languages, dictionaries of which can be added to Lingvo 12 and Lingvo X3. (Dictionaries of other languages can also be added, but not under the languages' proper names.)

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