My Word Macros

Syllable Counter
licznik_sylab.zip (18K)
Added: October 31, 2009
Word 97 Template (.DOT) file containing macros which count syllables in Polish texts. Works also with Russian texts transliterated acoording to Polish rules.

Transcription and Transliteration
trans.zip (557K)
Modified: December 13, 2010
Word 97 Template (.DOT) file containing macros which convert Russian, Ukrainian, Belarusian and Serbian Cyrillic to Latin and back in different ways. Additionally, there's the possibility to convert Polish letters by removing diacritics or replacing the letters with their HTML codes. You can also convert Cyrillic letters to their different encodings and back, and easily convert that was written with a wrong keyboard layout. There are also macros which allow to quickly change case and text language, insert four different accent marks into the text, and (new feature) convert dashes and quotes to HTML entities.
All macros can be accessed from toolbars included in the .DOT file.
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